Marketingová strategie

We've bet on Shopper Marketing.

Access to communication in the in-store environment cannot be completely identical to the ones in ATL communication. The in-store environment is a specific "advertising medium". We know the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages; we know how to measure and therefore we are able to design an efficient campaign. Shopper Marketing Strategies can also be applied in the Czech Republic.

Most advertising campaigns focus on "target groups". Our campaigns are focused on "shoppers".


Creativity focusing on sales

Creativity is a key factor in the effective enforcement of the strategy. It has to attract the attention of the shopper and not be an end in itself at the same time. The solution reflects the brand needs, but is based upon specific needs:

  • brand argumentation in the in-store environment
  • shopper typology and motivation
  • well-thought-out contact with goods
  • connection to the chain sales strategy

Mechanism and implementation
of campaigns

Combining creative design with effective implementation is our specialty.

We combine the most effective tools and procedures available for our in-store campaigns. The evaluation of the campaign effectiveness and on-line access to data during the course of campaigns are routine practices. Smooth campaign implementation relies on the services of other company divisions.


Most advertising campaigns focus on "target groups".
Our campaigns are focused on "the shopper".

The success of a campaign depends on the correct understanding of relations and mutual interactions of all three key communication subjects: point of sale, customer and brand. To make the communication really efficient, we need to strongly understand:

  • our customer/shopper and their shopping strategy
  • the brand that we promote and its communication strategy
  • the characteristics of the shopping environment where the customer moves