Merchandising is a relatively young and modern aspect of sales-marketing. It can be defined as a set of activities or a certain type of marketing support aimed mainly at chain stores. It aims to ensure that the right products find themselves in the right place at the right time and at the right price.

Merchandising includes:

  • Placement of goods on the shelves according to a plan
  • Comprehensive care of point of sale
  • FIFO implementation principle (first in, first out)
  • Reporting

The concept of merchandising has been developing dynamically in recent years thanks to modern technology and has become an important part of the purchasing and marketing strategies of companies who see it as an effective tool not only for caring about their products, but also as a functional system for checking compliance with the terms and conditions between suppliers and retail chains. Good merchandising service can now fully replace the system of sales representatives in chains.


  • Store check
Stock taking, Listing, Planning, Price tags
  • Installation, photo documentation of extended placement and POS materials
  • FIFO principles
  • Adding positions + extended placement
  • Draft orders
  • Communication with managers and client's sales representatives
  • Reporting (screen – reporting in Symes)


  • Representation process in case of illness or holiday
  • Annual fluctuation of merchandiser approx. 3%
  • Penalties for failing to ensure merchandiser replacement
  • Deadlines for replacing merchandiser

    Prague and larger cities up to 12 hours
smaller cities up to 24 hours


  • Team of regional managers
  • KPI's monitoring
  • GMG inspectors: regional manager teamwork check
  • Management supervising
  • Client inspections with the participation of the GMG manager
  • Daily checks and reporting analyses, handling client claims
  • Weekly reporting analyses via QlikView


  • Claims handling online via the internet:

    Chain, Building, Date, Text, Photographs
  • Automatic notification of claim
  • Structured penalty system
  • Guaranteed solution within 24 hours