On-line and efficient.

Global Marketing s.r.o. uses the unique SYMES online platform for reporting. You can manage your events from anywhere, anytime.

The reporting campaign begins with a control MMS that is sent to the system no later than five minutes after the start of the event. 
Another point is the daily report showing all data defined by the client. ( - number of respondents, sales by type, OOS, price, etc.). The report is available to the client by midnight of the same day at the latest.

After the campaign, all on-line data are processed in an excel macro spreadsheet to output in the analytical system Qlick View.

Control MMS (within 5 minutes of the start of the event)

Daily reporting (by midnight of the day of the event)

Final reporting

Report in Excel contains:

  • Overview of implemented events.
  • Number of customers approached divided into men and women.
  • Sales results.
  • Number of gifts given.
  • Positive and negative commentary by customers.
  • Photographs from the event.