In the 1980s outsourcing became an important part of business processes at multinationals such as XEROX and GENERAL MOTORS.

Responsibility for this issue is usually borne by other subjects who usually have better trained and more experienced workers.

Outsourcing is a trend that is increasing worldwide.

  • Cost reductions
  • Focus on core business
  • Flexible use of human resources and the latest technologies

Market segments

  • Traditional market focused on networked stores
  • Modern market
  • HoReCa
  • Gas stations
  • Pharmacies


We provide comprehensive outsourcing of service
sales teams throughout the Czech Republic

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  • Modern method of building a sales team
  • Flexibility: monthly changes in the quantity of services delivered
  • Creation of a sales team according to the client specifications
  • Notice period of 60 days for outsourcing projects
  • Tax-effective solutions - direct insertion of monthly accounting in the client's financial costs


Sales representatives

  • Car
  • Fuel
  • Notebook
  • Mobile phone
  • Mobile internet

Sales skills training

Our outsourcing sales teams works with SWOZ software. This specialized software for managing sales teams in the traditional market is built on the platform of the SYMES online reporting system. This allows your company to share a single web interface for comprehensive reporting of:

  • a sales team on the traditional market
  • merchandiser on the modern market
  • promo team implementation of your in-store sales events