We rely on precise execution and a good price.

The Concept&Art director designs it. The graphic department draws sketches and print data. The production manager ensures everything from stalls to cups. Our production team simply converts ideas into reality.

As part of the planned event we provide standard supply and manufacture of custom-built equipment.

Due to the massive volume of production equipment required we cooperate closely with suppliers of promotional items, tables, consumer goods and other sub-items.

All orders go through the hands of the production team in order to minimize costs by comparing offers from external suppliers.

For tasting we provide all clients with our own tables, A1 stands or mobile facilities. The client's costs are limited to the branding table.


The backbone of our logistics is the MADETA Logistics network of warehouses and the central warehouse agency in Prague.

We use 11 warehouse and distribution sites in the Czech Republic (including the central warehouse in Jesenice just outside of Prague). We have a sophisticated distribution system and experience with goods with very short warranty periods.

The entire logistics can take place in refrigerated or dry mode.

Goods are picked up and subsequently distributed to the place of purchase by means of a controlled and transparent system of delivery and collection.


Since March 2013 we also have our own internal graphics and DTP departments.