We are true in-store communication specialists.

Global Marketing s.r.o. was founded in 1998 and has long been one of the Czech market leaders in these segments:

  • Merchandising
  • Sales promotion & Shoppermarketing
  • Sales team outsourcing
  • Monitoring and data collection

What we offer

  • Experience and positive references
  • Presence in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • More than 70 long-term partners
  • More than 900 hostesses and promoters
  • Financial stability
  • Unique reporting and software solutions based on our ON-LINE system.

What you can expect from us

..."Linking of all in-store tools"

(replenishment of goods long-term or in support of sales events)
(effective personal promotion and sale)
(data collection and evaluation)

FULL SERVICE In-store Marketing
(comprehensive support for successful sales)

Preparation of a marketing strategy

Your investment in in-store promotion will be truly effective only with the responsible development of a strategy. We specialize in in-store and in practice we can strategically use shopper marketing approaches.

The ultimate success of your campaign is not only a key strategic concept but also its final form; therefore, we place great emphasis on smart and attractive creative solutions within the strategy.

Efficiency and functionality

We know the reality of our market and its conditions. We know the boundaries between freedom of creativity and the real possibilities of implementing campaigns. Therefore, our campaigns are always proposed in such a way as to make them viable in a practical sense as well as affordable. We understand that your investments must have a reasonable rate of return.

Execution from A to Z

We know that you expect us to manage everything for you. We think this is a basic principle. We provide complete logistics, provision of point of sale, creation of a tour plan, negotiating licences and other elements of the implementation of the campaign.

Our people

It's not enough just to understand the client's intentions and objectives. Each member of our team must take them on as his or her own.

Personnel division Shoppermarketing&Sales promotion

  • Business development manager
  • Concept&Art Director
  • Coach
  • Project manager (2x)
  • Promoteam &Report manager
  • Production manager
  • Area manager (7x)
  • Area manager assistant (4x)
  • IT manager
  • More than 930 active hostesses and promoters