You will be surprised by everything that we can do "for you".

Initial analysis

At the start of each campaign we ask ourselves conceptual questions on the basis of which we draw up a constructive strategy.

Most advertising campaigns still focus on "target groups".

Our campaigns are focused on "shoppers"

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Campaign design

We design campaigns with two primary goals - SALES and building an IMAGE.

Creation of a tour plan and communication with stores

People react differently to products in big cities and small towns, in large stores and small shops. They react differently on weekdays and weekends or morning and afternoon. Our goal is to create a tour plan so that everyone responds as required. We ensure the reservation of sales space, negotiation of licences and other organizational steps in the location of the promotion.


The Concept&Art director designs it. The graphic department draws sketches and print data. The production manager ensures everything from stalls to cups. Our production team simply converts ideas into reality.

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Connection with Merchandising

Why organize a brilliant sales event when halfway through there's nothing left to sell? By working closely with the merchandising division and continuous replenishment we limit OOS during promotion to a minimum.

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ON-LINE check

100% of all events. Five minutes after the start of the event we can, thanks to MMS check, report on whether the event has started on time, whether the equipment has been properly set up and the dress code for promoters has been complied with..

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30% of all events. A network of regional managers run events and provide evaluations according to predefined criteria for each event.

Continuous reporting

The on-line report is completed by midnight on the day of the event. Data is reported according to predefined criteria. (number of tasters, sales by type, OOS, price, customer feedback, and more)

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Final reporting

After the campaign, all on-line data are processed in an Excel macro spreadsheet to output in the analytical system QlikView.

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