Full service of your product range at all retail
chains in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Hypermarkets, supermarkets, hobby markets,
bookshops, independent stores, petrol stations. Your goods
on time, in the right place, in the right quantity and at the right price.

SYMES on-line reporting system

  • Stock control, listing audit, planogram and price tag control.
  • Service of shelf positions + all secondary placements.
  • OOS and FIFO principle monitoring.
  • Execution of your promotional event including photo documentation = PHOTO CAMPAIGN
  • On-line reporting via our MERVIK mobile app / on-line + off version

Control systems

  • Client inspections / on-line complaint submission including photo

  • Inspection visits by our regional managers

  • Report analysis by EAN, business unit, merchandiser, date, etc.

  • Evaluation according to client-set CPs

Comprehensive reporting and analysis

  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis  
  • SYMES on-line web / software 
  • Daily EXCEL summary / @ Every morning 
  • Analytics / QlikView platform

SYMES ONLINE – Standard report

  • TEXT BOX – possibility to write a note

    OK (available item)

    OOS (outage)

    STOP (blocked by store, client e.g. due to non-delivery)
NELIST (unlisted item)
LOW STOCK (low quantity of goods)
  • PRICE AND ITS TYPE (for the TOP 10 items of the client)
  • SECONDARY PLACEMENT (information about SP in the shop)
  • ENDING WARRANTY (information on products with compromised warranty)
    ORDER (information on ordering, forwarding the order proposal to the responsible person)
  • QUESTIONNAIRE – defined by the client, usually focused on the OOS – how it was solved with the shop, the manager’s response, etc.
Availability of POS material in the store
  • PHOTODOCUMENTATION includes GPS localization

      SYMES ONLINE – Promotions execution monitoring

      • Monitoring of the client’s promotional activities on the day of the MCHD visit (also possible outside)
      • Photo documentation of secondary placements including on-line reporting – within 24 hours after the start of the activity
      • Immediate solution of unrealised activities / secondary placements


      • Morning information for the previous service day
      • Sent to defined client emails
      • Reporting summary according to set parameters


      • Graphical analytic system
      • SYMES source data analysis (e.g.: OOS by EAN, OOS by customer SR, chain, shop, overview of repeated OOS, number of days in OOS status, etc.)
      • Output formats: PDF, Excel, live
      • Live license, training, preparation of templates by programmer included in the price of the service

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