Instore Data

Comprehensive range of data products
that allow you to monitor your market shares
in given segments. Monitor price levels,
out of stock and competitive secondary displays.

Data collection and analysis

Data collection is done through our SYMES software, data analysis and presentation is provided by the world’s best analytic platform QlikView. We collect a unique range of data for each item in one step. This enables us to supply a range of monitoring types to our clients, saving their budgets significantly.

What do we collect for a product?

  • EAN
  • Name
  • Supplier / Manufacturer
  • Price
  • Price type
  • Facing
  • Content
  • Unit of Measure
  • Packaging Type
  • Indication of secondary placement
  • Country of origin
  • Calibration
  • Assignment to product category and subgroup
  • Additional information



Monitoring of specific items with identical barcode entered by the client

Shelf share

  • A complete overview of the current status of the client’s product shares compared to the competition
  • Measurement of shelf share, listing, secondary placement

Knowledge of goods

Addition of alternatives to the specified items according to the required parameters / e.g. content, packaging, % fat, etc.

Listing audit

  • Analysis of contractual and paid listing x reality on marketplaces
  • Monitoring of centrally set listing x individual shops


Monitoring of the complete category of a given product range, including specialities and secondary placements


  • collection of competitive prices
  • price check for own products

Out of stock

  • Comprehensive monitoring of “outages” of your items
  • Analysis / by marker, item, date, region, recurring OOS …

Monitoring of secondary placements

  • check of agreed secondary positions of the client
  • monitoring of competitors’ secondary placements
  • on-line photo-reporting

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