POS activities

Comprehensive care of your POS from production to installation,
including measuring its efficiency. All from one supplier.
Full coverage of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Data collection and analysis

  • on-line POS supply chain management

  • quality customer support covering the Czech Republic and Slovakia

  • option of express installation / 24 / 48 hours

Service focus

  • international and national chains
  • non-food chains / hobby, chemist’s, bookshops, newsagents, petrol stations
  • independent market outlets

Comprehensive service

  • single supplier / CIN
  • single phone number and email for communication

25 years years of retail experience

POS production

  • creative design
  • construction
  • sample
  • production


  • Delivery to individual shops
  • Deliveries to central warehouses of chains
  • B2C / storerooms or residence of sales team members

Warehouse - handling

  • storage / records
  • entering new POS into the system + taking product photos
  • automatic reordering from your suppliers
  • pos / fifo management, expiration, merchandising rights monitoring, automatic reordering
  • packaging + photographic documentation of the packaging process
  • special e-shop for POS management by the client and their sales team
  • printing and pasting with labels / EAN codes etc.
  • inserting promotional materials into packages
  • printing QR codes
  • assembling shipments
  • complete management and provision of the logistics process with CHEP pallets / own
  • consignment warehouse / establishment in the system on behalf of the client
  • pre-filling of racks
  • regular reporting


  • POS set-up and installation
  • special installations / floor graphics, window posting, electrical installations
  • filling POS from the market stock
  • complete QR code and display management including remote media content
  • creation, planning and management
  • management, maintenance
  • merchandising service
  • deinstallation, returns
  • POS efficiency research
  • POS audit
  • on-line questionnaires
  • monitoring of competing POS / photo, video
  • price & shelf monitoring
  • complete proximity communication / bluetooth beacons

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