B2B Software

A wide range of software products from our programmers.
All customized, possibility of client modifications.
Specialization in the field of retail.
Designed for retail chains and their suppliers.

POS Eshop

  • Special B2B e-shop for managing your POS.
  • Minimising losses, quick overview and continuous stocktaking
  • Connection to all available storage softwares.
  • Innovation and speeding-up of your sales teams’ work.


  • Unique project in the field of systematization of promotions in retail networks.
  • Creation and approval of on-line promotional campaigns.
  • Displaying available dates, easy booking.

POS Monitoring

  • A modern solution for the monitoring of POS placed in markets, in RERAL-TIME mode.
  • An original solution for retail chains and their suppliers.
  • Minimising damage due to non-display of POS or their early de-installation.
  • Control over your sales area.

Bluetooth Beacony

  • Contact your customers steps away from your store or reach them throughout the Prague underground network.
  • Advertising devices in the underground have the possibility to use bluetooth beacons for direct connectivity with the mobile phone of your target group.
  • Use the latest technology to grow
your business. Stay one step ahead of the competition

Dynamic QR codes

  • creation and management of dynamic QR codes
  • a dynamic QR code is a QR code where the content can be changed after the end of the campaign
  • possibility to create sub QR codes to the main QR code and have separate statistics by city or branch
  • creation of campaigns in our CAMPAIGN BUILDER software
  • the possibility to set a fall-back campaign, media content that will pop up automatically when the set campaign expires => what will show up if the campaign has expired, a default campaign
  • tracking the number of QR code reads by day, for all campaigns or for one campaign at a time
  • possibility of setting up an advertising banner that appears above the campaign content and is used to promote the client’s mobile app

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