A new service from Global Marketing is coming to the Czech market.
It responds flexibly to the requirements of clients who nowadays are dealing
with the issue of servicing their products and the associated project staffing.
Thanks to more than 25 years of experience, we offer fast
and operative solutions to your needs, without the need to find
extra staff … WE ARE FLEXI

Flexi sales representative

  • personal communication with the managers of individual stores
  • introduction of new products,
  • supervision of product presentations
  • control of the display and fulfilment of commercial terms and conditions on the part of customers
  • order proposals
  • transfer orders
  • comprehensive on-line reporting

Flexi instore service

  • inspection of establishments
  • merchandising service
  • competition monitoring
  • supervision of your merchandising teams
  • POS distribution, installation and service
  • POS E-SHOP for managing the flow of your POS
  • collection of data / prices, shelf share
  • comprehensive on-line reporting
  • Hypermarkets + supermarkets + independent market

    Makro, Globus, Albert, Tesco, Kaufland, Billa, Lidl,
Penny, COOP, Jednota, Hruška, Flossmann, Brněnka,
Sklizeno, JIP, Delmart, independent shops by agreement
  • Hobby markets

    Bauhaus, Baumarkt, Hornbach, OBI, UNIHOBBY,
  • Chemist’s

  • Electro chains

  • Petrol stations


Focus on your core business and leave the responsibility for taking care
of your products or POS materials to us

For more information or to request a quote, email us on info@globalmarketing.cz

( we respond within 10 minutes of receiving an email! )

Benefits of flexiservice

  • you don’t deal with hiring, leaving or firing employees = our FLEXISERVICE doesn’t take vacations
  • you always pay only the unit price for the service intervention, no other “related” costs such as travel, holidays etc…..
  • you get flexible service with the option to terminate it the following month or use only one-off service interventions at pre-arranged dates and locations
  • continuity of service = no interruption of service in case of notice, illness or holidays

Flexiservice includes

  • staff, car, fuel, cell phone, internet,
  • on-line reporting:
    • SYMES web application
    • MERVIK mobile app or connection to the client’s reporting system

Financial conditions


  • 1 x per month in case of regular service or immediately after ordered one-off services


  • new clients 14 days
  • existing GMG clients 45 days

    How it works

    • select the desired business units
within regions of the Czech Republic or by chains


    • service content and priorities
    • frequency or exact days of service
    • required form of reporting

    We are flexible

    • commencement of service:
      • regular service within 7 days
      • standard single service visit within 48 hours, in EXPRESS mode within 24 hours

    • we will send you a quote according to your requirements:
      • within 24 hours / regular service
      • up to 60 minutes / one-time service

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